What You Don’t Want To See On A Home Tour

Here’s another edition of WYDWTSOAHT!

A lot of homes have mice. It’s a fact of homeownership; either you’ve had mice of will get mice. How you handle the situation is what matters. Hiring a professional is recommended, but not cheap. DYI is usually the route homeowners take. Here is a tip, when selling your home, have the mouse problem under control so that you do not “showcase” the fact that you have the little buggers running through the home by leaving traps in every room. Nothing ruins the mood of a buyer like to sight of a dead mouse in a trap! If trapping is necessary, use store bought and not some of the homemade beauties I’ve seen out there, like this one I recently saw in a home in Denver:

homemade mousetrap1

I have no idea how this works, but it does, here’s proof:

homemade mousetrap2

Look closely, there is a floater in there! Yuck.

This one definitely qualified as a “What You Don’t Want To See On A Home Tour!” Have a great day and remember, sometimes it makes sense to leave some things to the professionals…

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